VentiMax® Kitchen Caddy + 50 Bags 10L Caddy Bags Bin Liners Made in EU

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A purposeful set combining the Ventimax® Caddy with 2 rolls of 10L CompostBag® (50 bags) that will quickly prove indispensable in any eco-conscious kitchen!

  • VentiMax® takes advantage of micro-porosity in compostable CompostBag® bags. Unlike a solid caddy your food scraps quickly go dry and odourless. You’ll use fewer bags, reduce smells and reduce mess. Better for composting too.
  • Size VentiMax®: 20cm x 32 cm
  • CompostBag® bags: certified compostable and made of renewable materials


A cleverly designed caddy to help your tea-bags, fruit skins and food scraps dry out.
Simply click together the two halves of your Ventimax®, and pop a Compost Bag in it (the handles double as a bag grip) to enjoy drier and more hygienic food recycling.

The concept is quite technical, and yet simple. Water will wick through the special micro-porous compostable liner and the vents in this caddy are constantly drying out your food scraps, preventing odours building up and reducing the mess you might see in other caddies.

It is expected you will need fewer bags and with less water involved this system is better for everyone – better in the kitchen, better for collection, and better for composting and other treatments. 


Our compostable bags are made from 100% organic material and are approved to be used for the council's food waste collection in the UK 🇬🇧, they fully biodegrade along with your left-over food when thrown out.

  • Made in Belgium in a wind-powered factory
  • Materials: 100% vegetal resources
  • Certified industrially compostable to EN13432
  • Size: 80cm circumference x 47cm Length approx.
  • 2 Rolls of 25 bags each