About Us


Our experiences in life shape who we are and what we evolve to be…

We wanted APOSTROPHAL to be… a place where we meet, we collaborate, we support each other to build a stronger community around our artisans and small businesses; a place where the well-being of our societies and the future of our planet are the main concerns.



APOSTROPHAL was born in 2020 with in mind to bring to you the best of two worlds: Eco-friendly Products and Artisan Crafts. Find here:

  • a Handpicked Selection of Ethical and Sustainable Items Safe for our Planet (Eco-friendly, Vegan, Reusable, Compostable, Biodegradable)


  • an Exclusive Collection of Upcycled Handcrafts and Special Creations made by our Local Artisans serving the Zero Waste Movement.

Gift yourself or your loved ones with guilt free creative items for any occasion.

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Our Customer Service

We have very high standards and work continuously to optimise the Customer experience and satisfaction at all times. We have served many happy customers so far and are determined to continue to do so. Every request is individually handled and all the attention is given to answer it in the best and quickest way possible.

If you have any suggestions, requirements or comments to send us, don’t hesitate to contact us using the form below.

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Our Ethics

We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity in all our business activities and with all our stakeholders. 

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Our commitment to the Environment 

At APOSTROPHAL we are committed to the fight against our negative footprint on our Planet.

The actions that we are taking thereafter to achieve this goal are of different kinds:

  • The selection of our products

✓ Eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic products 
✓ Reusable items to help reduce our waste 
✓ Eco-conscious products made from natural renewable resources 
✓ Organic products 
✓ Vegan products 

  • Reducing our Carbon Footprint

➻ We prioritise sourcing our products from small businesses around us who are themselves involved in Reducing Carbon Emissions and working towards preventing climate change (1% for the planet, B Corp, Fairtrade, ...)

➻ ​We package all our products with recyclable, biodegradable, plastic free materials and use recycled cardboard boxes. We seal our boxes with biodegradable tape and biodegradable wool wood or packing peanuts.

➻ We optimise the use of energy in our offices (Wind powered Energy, LED lights).

➻ We abide by the 3Rs: Reduce/Reuse/Recycle where possible.

  • Continuous Improvement

We will continually seek to lessen our impact on the environment in the future and will be collaborating and partnering with like-minded individuals, organisations or businesses where necessary to achieve our goal.


We wish you enjoy our collections and that every day of your life could be a day of perfect happiness 💫!