Reusable Sanitary Period Pads Pack of 6 Starter Kit 3 Heavy + 3 Medium Flow

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Say "hello!" to our reusable period pads and ditch single-use traditional ones!

💚 Enjoy a more sustainable and comfortable menstrual cycle
💵 Save money
🌍 Protect the environment 

Our Reusable Sanitary Pads are the perfect solution for those looking for an eco-friendly, organic alternative to traditional disposable menstrual pads.

The slim, comfortable fit and secure popper fastening offer peace of mind both day and night. The natural bamboo fleece top layer ensures that there are no harmful materials next to your skin, and the unique stay-dry binding keeps everything contained and away from your clothing for leak-free protection.

All of our reusable sanitary pads are OEKO and GOTS certified, so you can trust in the safety and non-toxicity of the product.

Each pack includes:

- 6 pads (3 Medium Flow 25cm + 3 Heavy Flow 30cm)

- Dual zip storage bag

- Washbag