Porous Perfumed Ceramic Air Freshener Home Fragrance Aromatherapy CeraScentĀ®


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Supports a small business āŽ® Eco-friendly šŸŒ±

Our delicately carved ceramic with CeraScentĀ® technology will durably diffuse the fragrance it contains around it.

Hang it in your closet, your car, on a door or place it in a basket,Ā a drawer or on a shelf and let itsĀ perfumeĀ fill the air!

When the scent starts to fade away, simply spray your favourite perfume or pour some drops of essential oils to revive the fragrance.

DiscoverĀ hereĀ our small perfume bottlesĀ that would be perfect to use with ourĀ ceramic.

OurĀ ceramic diffuser does not require power source and can be placed anywhere.Ā 

You can fully and serenely enjoy the beneficial effects of aromatherapy!

  • Low maintenance
  • Flame-free
  • Scent Intensity: Gentle

This product is sold without oil.

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