Palo Santo Sage Black Obsidian Bracelet Smudging Trio Set - Heal Cleanse Protect


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Clear your mind and personal space of negativity and open pathways with our Obsidian, Sage & Palo Santo trio Set.

The action of burning sage and Palo Santo expels spiritual impurities and allows you to enter a healing state of mental, emotional and physical peace.

Black Obsidian has long been revered as the regal warrior of stones for its protective capabilities. It absorbs Negative Energy, wards off Evil Spirit.

This trio set is the perfect gift to a beloved one or to oneself and includes:

  • 1 Black Obsidian bracelet made from natural gemstone. Stone beads size: 0.4 Inches (10mm), bracelet length: about 6.5 inches (17cm). Elasticated, this bracelet fits most wrists. It comes in our APOSTROPHAL eco-friendly gift pouch.
  • 1 Palo Santo Stick around 10cm long
  • 1 Sage smudge torch. Size is around 8cm L x 3cm W