Opalite Cat Crystal Palo Santo & Sweet Grass and White Sage Smudge Cleansing Gift


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Relax - Surround yourself with peace and harmony - Allow energy to flow through the heart - Keep your thoughts positive 💫

Combining 4 potent elements of purification and healing, this bundle provides the ultimate power!

Our smudge stick is made with:

✓ 1 Opalite Cat Head Crystal (2.5x2.5cm)
✓ 1 Sweet Grass and White Sage Smudge (10cmx4cm)
✓ 1 Palo Santo Stick (∼10cm long)

✓ 1 Info card

Experience the ultimate cleansing ritual with this stick, containing the combined power of Opalite Cat Crystal, Palo Santo, Sweet Grass, and White Sage.