Studs Real Juniper Leaf Earrings 18K Gold Plated Silver Handmade Organic Jewellery

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Artisan Handmade ⎮ Supports a small business ⎮ Eco-Jewellery 🌱

This pair of earrings radiates with luxurious 18K gold plating over real Juniper Leaves, accentuating the subtle veins and polished to a brilliant shine. Wear them to show off your unique style!

The organic leaves are dipped in recycled sterling silver first, then gold plated to a lustrous finish to create this one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery.

Junipers are part of the cypress family and are often considered as a symbol of immortality, elevation, hope and mourning.


The earrings are covered with a tarnish-resistant varnish that keeps them shiny for many years (or forever – if well cared for). 


♻ Eco-Jewellery: Recycled metals are used in the crafting of these items, resulting in a reduction of CO2 emissions by over 60%.


Product Information

  • 18K Gold plated Sterling Silver 925
  • Sold by pair
  • Size: about 1cm length + 0.5cm width
  • Butterfly Clip Closure.
  • Delivered in our APOSTROPHAL eco-friendly gift box


Meet The Maker


This item is handmade by Sotiris, one of our handpicked artisans who is inspired by nature’s works of art in the creation of his jewellery lines. 


It took the maker a whole year to develop a rare and complex technique to coat real plants with silver, transforming them into stunning wearable pieces of jewellery.


Every piece is crafted by hand with love and care by the artisan in his workshop, ensuring each one is utterly unique.


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