Laundry Dryer Balls Made Of Upcycled Organic Cotton Waste Vegan Plastic Free Pack of 4


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Our Dryer Balls are made from Organic Cotton Terry Cloth and filled with 100% Recycled Waste Cotton.

✓ 100% Vegan 🌿

✓ 100% Plastic Free 

✓ Increase the airflow 💨 inside your tumble dryer machine 

✓ Reduce significantly your drying times ⚡️

✓ Absorb excess moisture

✓ Save time and energy

✓ No added fillers, chemicals or synthetics

✓ Perfect for babies and people with sensitive skin or allergies

✓ Pack of 2 Boxes of 2 balls each = 4 balls

Our balls aid in the separation of heavier items, minimising wrinkles and ensuring that garments are evenly dried.

The Dryer Balls, crafted from soft cotton, are gentle on your machine and remain quiet during use - unlike some noisy plastic alternatives!

These durable drying balls will last for years, helping you save money and the environment!

How To Use

Toss two of these Dryer Balls into your tumble dryer with your wet clothes and use as usual. Once the cycle is done, take out the balls and let them sun-dry for the next round!