Braided Sweet Grass & White Sage Smudge Native Tribes Cleansing Healing Positive Energy


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Clear your mind and personal space of negativity thanks to our Sweet Grass and White Sage Smudge Sticks.

SweetGrass is a sacred herb of Native Tribes across the USA & Canada. It is believed to bring in ‘good energy’ to a space or ceremony. It has a beautiful fresh grassy scent, which is unusual, uplifting and lasts for hours in a space. The natives primarily burn this sacred, native grass as part of a sacred ceremony to usher in good energy.

The action of burning sage expels spiritual impurities and allows you to enter a healing state of mental, emotional and physical peace.

White Sage is regarded as especially sacred in the Native American tradition since it serves a variety of purposes: warding off evil spirits, fending off infections and purifying the body. The energy of this smudge brightens and clears stagnant energy and infuses a living vibration.

Get in this stick the combination of benefits of both grasses for the ultimate cleansing ritual.

Also, burning sage may be beneficial for those with asthma, allergies, bronchitis, and other respiratory conditions. Wait until the smoke clears before going into the room. Carefully picked and prepared by trained workers who hand-tie each bundle one by one.

  • Made in USA
  • Size is around 10cm L x 4cm W
  • Sold in a unit of 1 Smudge stick
Blessing With Smudge Sticks
Begin your blessing for another being by connecting with their eyes for a moment to greet them. Begin your energy purification by fanning the fragrant smoke first at their heart centre, then up the right side of the person's head, moving around clockwise, whilst gently washing them with the smoke.