Wooden Desk organiser & Aromatherapy Ceramic Flower Oil Diffuser 2-in-1


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Transform your workspace into a holistic haven with our multi-functionality desk organiserIt has compartments to store your pens, business cards, phone, etc. But what sets it apart is its elegant ceramic lotus flower that will allow you to apply your favourite essential oils. By doing so, you can relax, purify the air, and breathe better in your office environment. 

Thanks to its cold diffusion, the ceramic flower provides gentle dispersion of essential oils without the use of electricity, preserving their therapeutic properties and benefits while being environment-friendly. Our desk organiser also features a handy designated area for a 5 to 15 ml bottle of essential oil.  

A perfect choice for those seeking increased productivity and a serene work setting, our 2-in-1 desk organiser offers a one-of-a-kind sensory experience that enhances the overall office atmosphere.    

Usage tip:

  • Store your office supplies in the dedicated compartments of your organiser
  • Apply a few drops of oil onto the centre of the flower
  • Enjoy a state of relaxation
  • Alter the essential oils or synergies as desired

Box includes:

  • A wooden support with several compartments
  • An aromatic lotus flower


    L24.8 x W9.8 x H1.5 cm