Kick Off The New Year Sustainably: 3 Techniques For Setting Resolutions That Last

Kick Off The New Year Sustainably: 3 Techniques For Setting Resolutions That Last

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Kick off the New Year sustainably 

Begin the New Year by implementing these suggestions to create positive, enduring changes for yourself and the environment both now and in the future.

Establishing a sustainable New Year’s resolution can be beneficial in making a positive impact on your life. However, 'achieving' and 'maintaining' the resolution can be quite challenging.
A recent Forbes study shows that the trend of setting New Year’s resolutions is expected to be on the rise by 11% in 2024. Nearly a third of Brits
 say they’re going to make a New Year’s resolution, yet less than 6% persist with their goals throughout the year.

It is common to abandon New Year’s resolutions due to setting large, ambiguous goals such as 'being more sustainable' or 'consuming less meat.'

These resolutions may sound good in theory but often end up abandoned because they lack specificity and seem overwhelming.
Learn effective strategies to maintain your sustainable goals throughout the year and avoid the New Year’s resolution slump.

Creating Long-Lasting New Year's Resolutions

1. Go Specific and Achievable

Make small and specific changes to create New Year's resolutions that stick. Rather than declaring 'I'm going 100% vegan,' opt for 'I'll have one vegan meal a week,'. This approach is more attainable for most individuals.

You can begin by incorporating one meal per week, and gradually introduce more meals into your routine to develop the habit of consuming more plant-based foods.
How to Get Started: If you're unsure where to start, there are plenty of different 

vegetarian recipes to choose from. 





2. Choose Some Swaps

Instead of viewing your sustainable New Year’s resolutions as large undertakings, consider reframing them as daily, incremental changes that contribute to a more sustainable and positive planet. Setting small, measurable goals can have a considerable impact.
Maintaining a sustainable resolution is difficult, but it greatly benefits the planet. For instance, a pound of beef requires 1,700 gallons of water, while vegetables only need 39 gallons. Your decision to have some meatless meals 

greatly reduces water consumption, gas usage, and land usage.

How to Get Started: Implement targeted changes in each area of your home to support your goals, such as minimising kitchen waste or transitioning to eco-friendly cleaning practices.


3. Keep Yourself Accountable

Making a bold move, like securing an accountability buddy or announcing your resolutions on social media, can give you the extra push you need to make your new habits stick in the long run.

When you make an announcement or publicly hold yourself accountable, studies show a higher likelihood of achieving your goals. Make your goals small and measurable to increase success.

How to Get Started: Seek someone in your life to be your accountability partner, then exchange goals that you need assistance in adhering to. Regularly check in with each other regarding your progress. If you prefer to go solo, publicly announce your resolution on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok... and provide updates on your progress.

Here's to a planet-friendly living journey in 2024!

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