Scouring Pads Plant Based Scrubbing Sponges Plastic Free Cleaning Scourer Set of 4


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🌱 Sustainable materials
🌿 Natural & vegan
🌽 Biodegradable packaging made from corn starch
🧽 Absorbent & Non abrasive
🛑 Plastic-free product

The La Corvette vegetable scrubbing sponge is perfect for delicately cleaning small, fragile surfaces in your home. Its gentle yet effective design prevents scratching.

This product is designed with a biodegradable absorbent side and a scraping side that includes fruit pits for effective scouring.

The pack contains 4 sponges that are enclosed in a biodegradable film made from corn starch.

How To Use

Simply wet your sponge, then apply your cleaning product or rub the sponge on a detergent soap and rub your dishes/surfaces for effective cleaning.

Made in France.