Safety Razor Eco friendly Bamboo Reusable Unisex Zero Waste + 10 Double Edge Blades


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Supports a small local business ⎮ Eco-friendly 🌱

Our bamboo precision-engineered eco safety razors offer a smooth and comfortable zero-waste shave for women and men alike. 

✓Textured grip 
✓Long bamboo handle
✓Perfectly balanced for shaving hard to reach areas
✓Packaged in a premium, magnetic gift box
✓Makes the perfect sustainable gift

Set Contains:

1 x Double edged unisex safety razor
1 x Kraft paper gift box
1 x Pack of 10 blades by Regn (high-quality Swedish stainless steel). Blades size 42mm x 22mm

Size: 15 x 7.3 x 5cm
Composition: Stainless Steel, bamboo

- The perfect sustainable gift for him or her. Vegan friendly and zero waste.

- Comfortable, long handle bamboo grip – ideal for beginners.

- Cost effective: Disposable plastic razors & cartridges are more expensive than safety razor blades & are rarely recycled

- Compatible with any double edged DE safety razor blade.