White Sesame Artisan Paste Spread Praliné Handmade in the UK Vegan All Natural


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A yummy authentic artisanal sesame paste to treat yourself and your loved ones!

Stone-ground to a smooth finish, ideal to pour, spread, spoon and drizzle on anything from pancakes to porridge, yoghurt, waffles and toast. Think about a sweet tahini or a smooth halva!

Two ingredients: Sesame seeds 67%, caramel (sugar). Nothing else! 
Absolutely nothing artificial.

Lovely paired with:
Fresh fruits (red berries and stone fruits), dried fruits (raisins, dates…), spices (cinnamon, star anis…), chocolate & vanilla. Also an amazing addition to Asian sauces and Moroccan tagines!

🇬🇧 Handmade in London by talented pastry chef Théo from Mada Mada with whom we are thrilled to be collaborating.

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Ingredients: Sesame seeds (67%), sugar (33%). 

Weight: 170g.
Sesame Origin: Central America (Mexico and Guatemala).
Made in London.

Allergens: This product contains a lot of sesame. Prepared in a facility where all kinds of nuts and seeds are handled.