Luxury Long Matches x 150 in Glass Jar Cork Ball Candles Gift - Deep Purple


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Cozy up for a night in and light up in style!

Unleash some UK charm with this chic vessel that adds a touch of pizzazz to your home decor. It's a must-have addition to any

candle present!

  • Reusable coloured glass jar
  • 150 matches
  • Cork ball top 
  • Striker on reverse of glass
  • Beautiful accent piece

The striker is positioned elegantly on the base, adding a touch of sophisticated flair to these luxurious matches.


Jar: Height 22cm, Width 10cm

Match length: around 11cm (4.33inch)

(please note the images do not have tips, but your matches do!) 

 **(DISCLAIMER: We are unable to ship matches to the US, Northern Ireland and certain areas in Europe due to air freight policy - please enquire if uncertain of your eligibility)**