Laundry Detergent Sheets Planet Friendly Naturally Scented


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Say bye to  weighty and messy powder or liquid detergents packaged in plastic bulky bottles or boxes! 

We've had enough with their heavy carbon footprint during production and transport or chemicals polluting our planet.

Our laundry sheets are…

✓ Made from naturally-derived materials that are Vegan & Biodegradable
✓ Not tested on animals
✓ Plastic-free packaging (cardboard box)
✓ Very practical to carry with you when travelling
✓ Super simple to use: just place a sheet or 2 in the drum (depending on your load)
✓ Scented version uses natural flax for a fresh scent (Exists also in an unscented version here)
✓ Comes in a pack of 64 sheets. 

They are also:

  • Dyes-Free
  • Phosphates-Free
  • Parabens-Free
  • Bleach-Free
  • Plastic-Free

Developed in the UK by eminent chemists. Produced in China with fair trade.

🌱 A tree is planted for every product sold, hence offsetting carbon emissions involved in the making and transportation of each item.