Incense Sticks Hand-rolled Genuine Indian Masala All Natural - Sage Rose Sandalwood Fougère


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ūüĆĪ Also known as agarbathi, genuine Indian masala incense is highly regarded for its use of carefully blended aromatic herbs, natural resins, woods, flowers, oils and spices

‚úč Hand rolled by expert craftswomen using a traditional method to produce a distinctive texture

‚úÖ Charcoal free for a clean burn and longevity

‚úÖ Free from heavy metals and harmful chemicals

Choose from our wonderful scents:

ūüĆĻ A gorgeous, Rose Petal and spice fragrance that will fill the air creating a captivating atmosphere!

ūüćÉ Experience the calming and therapeutic scent of pure White Sage that will fill your space and soothe your senses!

ūüĆŅ Indulge in the refreshing herbal freshness of Foug√®re, a natural and fern-like scent.

ūüĆ≥ Immerse yourself in the captivating scents of Sandalwood, with its deep woody notes and a satisfying lingering aroma.

ūüď¶ Contains 25 sticks

Dimensions: L23cm x W6cm x H2cm

Packaging: Cardboard box

Made in India.