Bamboo Dish Brushes Set of 2 Washing Up Wooden Pot Scrubbing Brushes


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Bamboo Dish Brushes - A set of 2 Washing Up Brushes & Multifunctional Kitchen Cleaning Brushes

Our set of 2 pot scrubbing brushes is ideal for tackling a range of dish washing tasks.

Our soft sisal fibre brush is perfect for cleaning ceramics, glassware and cutlery whilst our firm coco palm fibre brush is great at taking on baking trays, saucepans and burnt on stains.

The ergonomic grip makes using our sustainable washing up scrubbing brushes easy and comfortable.

Our multifunctional kitchen cleaning brushes can also be used to scrub vegetables, clean surfaces and scour metal appliances.

Set Contains:
1 x Soft sisal fibre pot scrubbing brush
1 x Firm coconut palm fibre pot scrubbing brush