Aromatherapy Bottle Home Fragrance (100ml)


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Enjoy the beneficial effects of aromatherapy with our high quality fragrances made in France French Riviera.

Use them in a selection of our ceramic oil diffusers, and experience a light heavenly perfume that will fill the air. 

The scents:

  • [Mandarin teas] : Escape to a fresh and fruity accord of delicately floral citrus fruits where the serenity of green tea and maté blossom.
  • [Powdery Caress] : Go back to childhood. Taste the sweetness of the slightly pinkish iris. Delicate and soothing, on a powerful base of sandalwood and vanilla.
  • [Lavender Bliss] : Let yourself be carried away by soothing notes of lavender on an exotic background of amber and benzoin.

How to use: pour the content of the bottle into the reservoir of our oil diffusers and let the cotton wick soak up then diffuse the perfume in the ambient air.

Duration: about 1 month of use.

Tip: You can also dip rattan sticks directly into the bottle and use it as a reed diffuser.

This product is delivered in an individual pouch. Sold alone.