The Abandoned Canvas by Jessica Hooley

Inspired by a love of nature and a desire to explore the natural world, Jessica is a fine artist whose work focuses mainly on depicting wildlife and how we as humans interact with and affect the environment around us.
In 2019 she started the abandoned canvas project, an initiative committed to creating all her art works on surfaces otherwise destined for landfill, or from items sourced as second-hand or recycled materials. Jessica works from her home studio in a small coastal town in Devon and takes inspiration from exploring the surrounding countryside and beaches.
You can connect with Jessica through her Instagram account @jessica_hooley_art.
Jessica Hooley Artist Apostrophal
We fell in love with Jessica's art and the motivations that drive her. The artworks that have emerged from our collaboration have been inspired by our discussions around the protection of marine life. More particularly, the drawing of the seahorse takes its source in Justin Hofman's photo taken a few years ago of a seahorse swimming with a discarded cotton swab which was an eye opener on the issues of pollution in our oceans .
We are honoured to present to you here two of  Jessica's drawings made Exclusively for Apostrophal.