Feather & Frey by Kylie

feather & frey macrame angel

Kylie, the artisan behind  feather & frey, comes from a family of makers and has always been creative. Passionate about sustainability and handicrafts,  Kylie started her company in 2019, driven by a vision to design and make beautiful macrame pieces out of sustainable fibres such as recycled/organic/upcycled cotton and jute. Her feather & frey pieces bring a natural, modern-rustic, boho feel to any home. 
You can connect with Kylie by following her on Instagram @featherandfrey or visiting her page here.
Feather and frey macrame angel
We are honoured of our collaboration with Kylie that gave birth to a gorgeous personalisation of her Macrame Angels with a natural twist where only cotton and jute were used to realise these beauties, unique to Apostrophal.