The Leaf & Shell Tassel⎮White


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We love this beautiful tassel handmade of shells by Balinese craftsmen.
To hang on doors, curtains or walls according to your desire, or simply put on a chest of drawers.
This coastal tassel will give an exotic and bohemian atmosphere to your home decoration.

Product Information
Colour: Natural
Material: Pandan, Wooden Beads, shells, cotton
Size: 35cm (L) x 5cm (W)

Made in Indonesia. 

Pandan comes from the screw pine that is widely cultivated in Indonesia. The leaves are processed into beautiful furniture and decorations. Pandan is a flexible and strong material. Usually, the leaves are processed into ropes where they afterwards braid objects with. 

Product Care
Beads are quite easy to maintain. You can clean them with a damped cloth but don’t use any soap. Chemical substances can damage or discolour the beads!

Dust the shells with a fluffy duster.

As with any material that contains natural fibres, pandan is best kept away from too much water and light as deforming, mold or a change of colour can occur.