The Flower Sea Shells Tea Light Holder Organic Coastal Artisan Handmade Large


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This gorgeous coastal-style tealight holder will transform your interior with its beautiful flower pattern and organic shells! Brighten your space with a cozy, bohemian ambiance.

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Product Information

Colour: Natural
Material: Shells
Size: 12 cm diameter

Made in Indonesia. 

Shells are often considered waste and therefore millions are thrown away every year. However we believe that they make beautiful decorations that can be used on all sorts of items. Not only is this a way to recycle but to give a second life to shells. Their beautiful patterns and colours give everything they are placed on,  a beautiful and delicate coastal touch. 

Product Care

Use a a fluffy duster to clean them. Avoid applying pressure or weight on the shells to keep them from breaking (shells are a durable material but fragile at the same time).