Red Carnelian Pencil


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Red Carnelian Pencil, 25-30mm.

Perfect for positive energy and peace of mind. Red Carnelian is considered to be a stone of great spirituality. In addition, it is believed by some to be a medicinal gem with a wondrous capacity for bestowing mental and physical healing properties.

Crystal pencils turn negative energy into luck and blessings. Make your meditation area calm, spiritual, allowing you to meditate more energetically. Perfect handmade gift for your beloved, friends or family members.

A STABILISING STONE - Carnelian restores vitality and motivation. It gives courage, promotes positive life choices and dispels apathy.

PENCIL CRYSTAL - It can bring endless energy, keep the body healthy, relax your soul and bring good luck.

DIY - Attach to necklaces, bracelets, anklets to create your jewellery, or apply them on a key chain as lucky charms.

A PERFECT GIFT - Bless yourselves and your loved ones on special occasions for good luck and wealth.

Made in Indonesia