Non Bio Laundry Detergent Sheets 30 Washes Plastic Free OceanSaver


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Pay Less, Buy in Pack of 2

🌊 Cleans like Ariel PODs but saves our Ocean
🌟 Removes stains even at 20°, zero residue
💚 Kind to skin, plant-based, 100% plastic-free
👚 Easy-to-use: pop in drum under clothes
💰 From 22p/wash vs. big brands (∼24p/wash)


OceanSaver® NON BIO Laundry Detergent EcoSheets clean as well as big brands PODS, without harming Ocean life. They also save money and space!

Just take a sheet and use it like a laundry pod! Place in the drum before you add your clothes, as simple as that!

Pack of 15 sheets - up to 30 washes.

Our laundry sheets are also…

  • Zero Waste
  • Concentrated and efficient
  • Hypoallergenic & Kind to Sensitive Skin
  • Compatible with silks and wools
  • Compatible with hand washing
  • Travel friendly
  • Compact & space-saving
  • Ocean Life Friendly Ingredients
  • Plant & mineral based
  • Cruelty-free & vegan
  • Non Bio
How to use

1. Place a sheet at the back of the empty drum
2. Place your clothes on top of the EcoSheet
3. Start your cycle


Oxygen-based bleaching agents ≥5 - <15% Non-ionic surfactants, enzymes <5% Also contains : sequestrants, carbonate salts, sulfate salts, citric acid, silicates, antiredeposition agents, salt, glycerin, sodium glycolate, anionic surfactants, magnesium stearate, bentonite.

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