Grocery Linen and Cotton Bags Set x 5 Zero Waste

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    Swapping to a zero waste lifestyle has never been that easy!

    Our very handy set of eco bags will be just what you need during a visit to your grocer or to the supermarket. Replace disposable plastic and paper bags with these reusable cotton and linen bags. Be eco-friendly and help us make the earth cleaner! 

    Use them also for storing supplies in the pantry or on the kitchen counter. Linen pouches with stylish prints featuring vegetables (potatoes, onions, and garlic) will make excellent kitchen decoration!

    The cotton bags with long handles are very versatile. They will prove perfect for shopping. They can be worn on your shoulder, replacing your handbag. You can also use them when travelling and for storing different things at home!

    The set includes:

    ↬ 3 x Linen bags (bags with print for potatoes, onions, and garlic) with a double drawstring, which allows for quick and convenient closing. 

    • 1 x linen potato bag sized 35 x 50 cm
    • 1 x linen onion bag sized 26 x 35 cm
    • 1 x linen garlic bag sized 30 x 40 cm

    ↬ 2 x 100% Natural undyed cotton bags with long handles.

    • 2 x 100% cotton bag (140 g/m2) sized 38 x 42 cm

    Our products stand out by the high quality of fabrics. Linen and cotton, which the bags are sewn from, are characterised by increased durability and resistance to mechanical damage (as a result, our zero waste bags are robust and made to last) while also being machine washable.