Upcycled Tall Drinking Glasses Set


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Not just any glasses: these ones are made from upcycled beer bottles that enjoyed the hottest parties and the most intimate conversations.

While they have the added benefit of having wider mouths than most drinking glasses, they keep their lips tightly sealed about the gossip they’ve heard in their previous lives.

They’re really stylish and will definitely wow your invitees while having a neutral carbon footprint.

Product Information

Colour: Brown
Set: 6 glasses
Material: I was a beer bottle 😊♻️
Size: 120 mm (H) X 73 mm (D) or 4,72” (H) x 2,87” (D)
Capacity: 350ml or 12oz
Packaging: Cardboard gift box

Made in India, supporting local families by providing training and jobs as well as education to deprived children.

Product Care

Dishwasher safe.

Please note: This product is handmade and 100% upcycled. As a result, your product may slightly differ in colour and from the image on the website due to its upcycled raw materials. Every product is unique.