Upcycled Soap Shreds Bag - APOSTROPHAL Exclusive


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Apostrophal's collaboration with artisan Maria, founder of Soapful, gave birth to this Exclusive upcycled product.

When bevelling her soaps to give them smooth edges, Maria ends up with lots of soap shreds. Instead of wasting these bits, we used them to fill in a natural Sisal soap bag, achieving thus a zero-waste process. 

By purchasing this item, you help us reduce the waste of another sustainable artisan who is engaged with us for a greener planet and we thank you for that. 

Every bag contains around 30g of soap shreds from a unique scent.

How to use?
1. Wet under water.
2. Massage between your hands to create a lather.
3. Use by rubbing directly on your body for both a cleansing & exfoliating effect in one go!

Exists in 2 variants: Floral Garden (Vegan) or Sweeter than Honey.