Napkin Rings Boho Chic Shells & Seagrass Artisan Handmade Set of 4


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Artisan Handmade ⎮ Supports a small business ⎮ Eco-friendly 🌱

We love to set a table that's decorated to perfection. Your table setting will be complete with our coastal napkin rings adorned with shells. 

What's for diner tonight?

Product Information

Colour: Brown, Natural
Set: 4 Napkin Rings
Material: Seagrass , Shells
Size: 5 cm diameter

Made in Indonesia. 

Seagrass lives in the coastal waters in most of the continents. Seagrass is unique because it is the only flowering plant that can live underwater. Dried seagrass makes beautiful furniture & home accessories. These latter are woven by hand, while the plants are still green. When the seagrass dries, the item will lose its green colour, become firm and ready to use. 

Shells are often considered waste and therefore millions are thrown away every year. However we believe that they make beautiful decorations that can be used on all sorts of items. Not only is this a way to recycle but to give a second life to shells. Their beautiful patterns and colours give everything they are placed on,  a beautiful and delicate coastal touch. 

Product Care

Use a soft cloth along the rows of the grass to get rid of dust or dirt. 

We recommend keeping your seagrass accessories indoors. If you take them outside, protect them from rain and rough weather. If exposed to rain, there is a possibility of rotting since it’s a natural material. Also, direct exposure to sunlight will fade the colour of the seagrass.