Premium Palo Santo Incense Cone x 20 100% Natural Cleansing Burning Ritual Handmade Ecuador


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🌿Wild Harvested Palo Santo - 🏅Premium Quality Incense Cones

Cleansing & Purifying


Palo santo (bursera graveolens) or "holy wood" has been traditionally used by indigenous Amazonian and Andean cultures in rituals of cleansing, blessing, and manifesting peace. Our Palo Santo incense cones are made from only the finest sawdust of selected Palo Santo wood, bound with vegetable gum for a 100% natural, chemical-free product entirely crafted in Ecuador.

Scent: pine · mint · lemon · fireplace · sweet
Box : 20 Cones


Light the tip of the cone and blow out the flame so that only smoke is left. Place the cone on an incense burner or plate and allow the smoke to linger for up to 20 minutes. Burning times may vary from cone to cone.

Product from Ecuador.