Organic Cotton Hair Ties


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Did you know most Hair Ties aren’t biodegradable?
There are possibly billions of unused Hair Ties on earth, slowly breaking down into nasty micro plastics.
Luckily, our Hair Ties are made from organic cotton & natural rubber.
Always striving for the best, we’ve recently made some improvements to them. Our new Hair Ties now have more natural rubber.
This means more elasticity, more durability, & no folding or wriggling.
A high-end finish. 100% biodegradable.

✓ x3 hair ties in a pack
✓ Colour - black
✓ Coloured using eco dyes

• 70% Organic Cotton
• 30% Natural Rubber
• Sleeve - 100% recycled unbleached Kraft paper
• Soy ink on the sleeve, which is 100% recyclable.
• 100% Vegan

Made in India with fair trade in a factory where the employees are paid 5 folds the minimum wage of the state.

🌱 A tree is planted for every product sold, hence offsetting carbon emissions involved in the making and transportation of each item.

End of life:
• At the end of life, the hair ties can be chopped up and added to home compost as ‘brown’ material
• Or you could chop it up and throw it under the ground!