Natural Dorset Gourmet Sea Salt Hand-Harvested Mineral Rich 100g Made in UK


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Jurassic Coast sea salt flakes by Dorset Sea Salt Co.



Hand-harvested from the mineral-rich waters of the Jurassic coast, these briny flakes boast an unpretentious flavour indicative of Dorset. Use at the beginning or end of cooking to add authentic taste to your meal.

  • Mineral rich
  • No additives or anti-caking agents
  • Pack a punch – use less
  • Healthier alternative to table salt

This product works well on both sweet and savoury plates, from finely cut steaks to chocolate brownies. Our favourite use of pure Dorset sea salt flakes is to sprinkle it on warm bread, honey and peanut butter in the morning.

Ingredients: 100% Dorset Sea Salt


Glass jar with metal lid and paper labels.

    Meet the Maker

    Founded in 2017, the Dorset Sea Salt Company is helmed by Jethro, an obsessed sea salt fanatic. After reading about the historic and cultural relevance of salt production in Dorset, and visiting the natural salt pans on the east weares of Portland, Jethro pondered how and why this local industry had vanished. This idea affected him so immensely that he began to conceptualise, and envisage the revival of Dorset’s local Sea Salt scene.