Natural Coconut Candle Handmade with Chakra Healing Gemstones


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Made from upcycled coconuts that have been discarded as waste and the finest soy wax, which burns cleaner and longer, our Handmade Candle in a Natural Coconut Shell with Chakra Gemstones has a patented wooden wick to create an eco luxurious ambience, and when lit will crackle and glow.

Whether you enjoy the amazing benefits of a proper meditation routine, or you simply need an efficient relaxing method after work, the chakra candles are the perfect solution.

Shift negative thoughts into positive thoughts, cleanse negative energy and unblock your chakras with this powerful tool.

Each coconut shell is unique in size, shape and colour. Keep away from children & pets or anything that catch fire.

EXPERIENCE NATURE - Coconut shells handcrafted into beautiful and unique candles. Add some tropical flair to the home décor.

REUSABLE - Reclaimed coconut shell can be reused as a planter, coin holder, cup, or decor, after candle use.

• Made in United Kingdom
• Weight: 226.8 g (8 oz)
• Packaged in a cardboard box