Cinnamon HUNNY | vegan honey


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We are super excited to introduce you this unique product that is Hunny but is not Honey :)!!!

We teamed with The Female Glaze, founded by talented chef and Gastronomic Science graduate Francesca who specialises in vegan sweets.

As a result, a Cinnamon variant of their Hunny was born and is proposed to you today as an exclusivity to Apostrophal, you will find it nowhere else!

Whether you are vegan or not, you will fall for this preparation.

To tell the truth, whoever tried our hunny said it was un-bee-lievably good and similar to the real one! To make this floral and refreshing golden syrup, Francesca uses homemade apple juice, sugar, cinnamon and chamomile. A cinnamon stick added in the jar to will keep releasing the cinnamon flavour over time.

Perfect with yoghurt or on pancakes, paired with cheese or in your salad dressing! Try it and you'll get what all the buzz is about!

Weight: 230g
Made in London

Please be aware that for this artisanal product a Limited Quantity is Available!