Our Artisans

Apostrophal collaborates with talented artisans to ensure no materials go to waste. Once their handicrafts are done, we repurpose the discarded material, no matter how small they may be, to give them a second life by creating upcycled works of art.
Equally exciting for us are the private collections they craft exclusively for Apostrophal; you will find them nowhere else!

Meet our Artisans

Buff and Blue Prints by Hayley Anderson

Buff and Blue Prints Hayley Anderson
Dear Ruth by Hannah Dean-Wood
 MORERA by Luciana Morera
My Soft Skin by Amandine Chazeix
My Soft Skin Beauty Care Eco Christmas 2020
The Female Glaze Apostrophal vegan honey christmas gift
Feather & Frey Apostrophal macrame angel ornament christmas tree
The Abandoned Canvas by Jessica Hooley Art Apostrophal