Gift Necklace Maternity Bola 18K Gold Plated Mum Baby Bond Flower of Life


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Handmade in Europe ⎮ Supports a small business ⎮ Eco-friendly 🌱 ⎮ Fair trade

This bonding maternity necklace is inspired by the sacred geometric shape of the Flower of Life, a powerful symbol of creation and growth to wear during pregnancy!

The delicate and soothing tinkling of the Bola will invite you to connect with your baby while waiting for your beautiful encounter! After birth, the sound of the bola will comfort baby every time he hears it.

Story Behind...

In the Mayan culture, the bola was worn by expectant mothers to keep them safe during pregnancy. Afterwards, it was used to calm the newborn baby with its soothing chime.

Product Information

  • 18K Gold plated pendant
  • Twisted fair trade Silk cord with delicate soft Tassels
  • Size: Pendant diameter 2.2 cm; Cord length 130 cm
  • A Maternity Necklace Guide which explains its origin and benefits and provides a description of gestures to perform with the necklace throughout pregnancy
  • Delivered in a gift box